Carousel Control Software

Carousel Control SoftwareConsider this:

  • You’re interested in buying a new or pre-owned carousel system.
  • You’ve looked at the carousel manufacturer’s software – it doesn’t fit your needs.
  • Or, they’ve told you to adapt your business to their software design and architecture.
  • Worst, you are outgrowing your old carousel software.

Now consider this:

Industrial Integration Services first implemented EDGE carousel/WMS software in 1997 and has been involved in carousel control software since 1996. And EDGE has been at it since 1992, with many solid installation sites across the US and overseas.

The carousel manufacturers can’t touch this feature set, nor its flexibility.  They even furnish it themselves for solutions out of their grasp.

EDGE carousel/WMS software can drive every standard carousel brand on the market. You can even mix and match carousels from different manufacturers, giving you tremendous equipment purchasing power when it is time to expand with new or pre-owned carousels.


We have systems ranging from single computer systems designed to handle one pod of up to 12 Horizontal or Vertical Carousels, or Vertical Lift Modules to multi workstation systems with unlimited scalability. Of course, each has built-in host interface capability to communicate with your financial, ERP or MRP systems.

User FriendlyUser Friendly

Is user friendly a must? EDGE carousel software is based on the Windows operating systems you know, current to Windows 7. And the graphical user interface of the carousel operations screen emulates your system.


Scope is never an issue. EDGE has client sites with up to 20 carousels and conveyors, but with scalable architecture, the number and make of carousels and carousel work groups are never an issue. And the various ways and means to control automated storage and retrieval systems are already built in. EDGE has enough industry experience to factor in a wide variety of system designs:

  • Horizontal, Vertical Carousels & Vertical Lift Modules
  • Batching to 96 Simultaneous Orders at each Station
  • Static Pick, Static Pass
  • Static Pick, Dynamic Pass
  • Dynamic (Continuous) Pick, Static Pass
  • Dynamic (Continuous) Pick, Dynamic Pass
  • Parallel Pick and Consolidate
  • Mirrored SKU/POD Consignment
  • Universal Pod Picking with Light Directed Flow Rack
  • Manufacturing Support
  • Consolidation
  • Remote Kitting
  • Raw Materials & Finished Goods
  • Off-Carousel Inventory Management
  • Complementary Conveyor Systems with Pre-Batching


EDGE can control one or many carousel work groups, (a set of carousels and one operator) that seamlessly integrates with your ERP host and it is scalable to a full WMS system. The key to our scalability is our architecture: Windows 7 and SQL Server. And if you require a different database or network operating software to reduce your maintenance burden (i.e. Sybase, Netware, etc.) we’ll conform to your requirements. We can run more than 20 databases with our products. NO other carousel manufacturer can make that claim.


Here’s another great reason to consider our software. We do more than manage carousels. We can provide a complete warehouse management solution, from receiving through shipping, and everything in between. This is a key point for several reasons.

  • Single source integration means less maintenance and more reliability.
  • More time and resources available to allow you to grow your business.

What does our software provide?

  • Receiving and Allocation with RF
  • Conveyor Induction and Tracking of Pallets/Totes
  • Cross-Docking with RF
  • Quarantining and Inspection
  • SKUs with Customer Configurable UoM
  • Directed Put-Away and Picking with RF
  • Directed Cycle Counting with RF
  • Directed Deplenishment with RF
  • Voice Data Management
  • RFID Enabled
  • Task Interleaving
  • Warehouse to Warehouse Transfers
  • QC Checking, Consolidation & Packing & Shipping
  • Maintenance Management
  • Virtually Unlimited Warehouse Zoning
  • Unlimited Supervisory Reports


EDGE carousel software will save you money short term with lower license fees. Architectural adaptability will save you tens of thousands of dollars on the short term purchase and implementation costs. With maintenance costs much less, you will save money in the long term too.

In summary

What are the top five reasons to purchase EDGE software over the carousel OEMs?

  1. More Functionality
  2. Use Multiple Manufacturer’s Carousels in one site
  3. Lower Cost
  4. Windows, SQL Server & Oracle
  5. Upgradeable to a Full WMS

Now you can:

  • Save Space
  • Reduce labor
  • Increase your inventory and shipping accuracy
  • Reduce your product handling

That’s what a properly engineered and integrated carousel control system can do for you.

By adapting to your unique operations, streamlining your business, helping with your mission critical items, and getting your products to your customers on-time, we’ll save you time and money year after year. So look to the future and give us a call.

We know you’ll be totally satisfied.