Pick to Light Supply Chain Management System

Serving Maryland, DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Minnesota, Southern California

Pick-to-LightEDGE’s Pick-to-Light (PTL) module provides the ability to manage your flow rack or pallet rack pick-to-light system. With an integrated interface module and feature rich product, your warehouse pick module is fully enabled with forward pick areas that fulfill your highest demand applications.

Our partnership with Innovative Picking Technologies Inc. (IPTI), has brought the standard warehouse pick module to a new level.

IPTI’s PICK-MAX™ pick to light system was designed to provide system integrators and end users with a light directed order fulfillment system that is easily installed, controlled, and maintained.

We also offer interfaces to a number of pick-to-light vendors in order the retrofit your existing system, or provide you with purchasing options.

Pick-to-LightEVOLUTION PTL Features include:

  • Full Inventory Management
  • Local Adjustment
  • Exception Handling
  • Zero ‘O’ Bin Balance
  • Cycle Count Empty Locations
  • Cycle Count All Locations
  • RF or VDM Rear Replenishment
  • RF or VDM Front End Returns Replenishment
  • PTL Front End Returns Replenishment

EDGE offers a complete PTL System for high velocity order fulfillment. No third party software, no middleware. Just EDGE, the OEM software, and the hardware necessary to maximize your investment and increase your time to benefit in your warehouse.