EDGE Value Proposition

Serving Maryland, DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Minnesota, Southern California

Our Top Ten Differentiators

Functionality vs PricingTier 1-2 functionality and features for Tier 3-4 pricing … workstation licenses, site license, multi-site licenses and enterprise-wide licenses
Risk AvoidanceEDGE offers a Money Back Guarantee to ensure strict compliance to the System Requirements Document (SRD) developed during the Discovery process. You get your Licens Fees back if we don’t deliver against the SRD. We should the burden of any functional needs and system requirements, eliminating any project risk.
Time to BenefitShorter implementation time to generate immediate value… efficiency gains, productivity gains, and overhead cost savings.
Accelerated ROIOur system provides a faster Rate of Return (Payback) due to lower investment cost.
MS Windows Based from Application InceptionSince 1992, we have never ovsolesced our product. We are currently on Version 10.x and offer a continuous migration path. We like our clients on the latest and greatest version. This minimized maintainability and further protects your investment.
Configurability and Adaptability to Almost Any IndustryOver the years, we have provided systems to customers in many industries from wholesale distribution through manufacturing. Our product adaptability and configurability to various industries, and flexibility to adapt to sudden changes in your business practices, is an advantage to you.
Product and Platform StabilityEDGE offers 24/7 Service Contracts, but none of our customers currently use them. A testimonial to our product’s stability.
Integrated Warehouse Control System (WCS)Our integrated WCS eliminates the need for middleware required to utilize various warehouse automation.
Carousel ExpertiseWe have tremendous expertise in Horizontal and Vertical Carousel Systems.
Streamlined Company SizeLower overhead means lower investment cost and heightened value impact to bottom-line results. Extremely quick response and agile reaction times to customer process changes.

These Top 10 factors merge to protect you long term. Our philosophy is to provide our customers with th etools to control their destinay with real-time, dynamically congured WMS?WCS system solutions. EDGE provides the software functionality, coniguration tools, system architecture, and system support options to guarantee investment protection for many years to come.