EDGE RFID Technology Warehouse Management System

Serving Maryland, DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Minnesota, Southern California


RFIDAcross the globe, highly sophisticated data management systems track inventories, control quality, automate accounting, and try to keep track of the fast-moving business world. These systems rely on accurate data collection -not always possible with labor intensive approaches, or even barcode systems.

EDGE introduces RFID systems for a broad range of applications to better manage your Supply Chain. EDGE software, coupled with RFID technology is the latest innovation in warehouse and asset management.

Reliable and cost-effective, proven RFID technology provides the dependability needed for high volume scanning applications and eliminates the need for manual sorting, recording, and checking. Labor and error costs are reduced. Throughput and shipping accuracy are increased. Managers on both ends of the Supply Chain gain the visibility to make better decisions based upon complete and up-to-date information.

EDGE’s RFID system manages all industry standards of RFID systems.

  • Class 1 – Short Range Passive for Slap and Ship Logistics
  • Class 2 – Class 1 with on board memory
  • Class 3 – Battery Assisted passive for long-range asset tracking and real-time location management.
  • Class 4 – Active battery with active transmitter for high value logistics.

Our partnership with


has enabled EDGE to bridge the RFID market and provide solutions for a large variety of customer applications. These systems put our customers in control of their supply chain execution, and their assets. RFID is the link to true Supply Chain Management. It is the perfect technology for a demanding world.

Compared to bar code technology, RFID offers highly reliable data collection in harsh environments. It eliminates manual data entry, and inspires new automation solutions. RFID fundamentally changes how processes are managed and how businesses operate, causing a paradigm shift in information management.

EDGE’s innovative RFID solutions provide the industry with break-through software and products that address critical market needs and enable functionality. They deliver best in class, standards-compliant RFID tags and readers.

EDGE and Intelleflex, offering products enabling functionality for high value applications, such as supply chain management and asset tracking, as well as, access control and condition monitoring.

Just as the name implies, edgEVOLUTION™ is evolving
with the changing needs of our customers.