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e-Centric Solutions


You’ve heard all the arguments. Client/Server versus Mainframe. Fat Client versus Thin Client. Each has their strengths and weaknesses. EDGE acknowledges that the foundation for true collaboration (meeting increased demand within the Supply Chain), is the integration of an architecture platform that is flexible, versatile and scalable. For these reasons, EDGE has combined the strengths of Client/Server inside the four walls of your fulfillment warehouse with the strengths of Web Browser-Based connectivity across your Enterprise and extended Supply Chain. The benefits of ADVANTedge are:

EDGE Architecture
  • Inventory, order and shipment visibility to customers, suppliers and trading community partners
  • Extended global, real-time event management
  • Distributed order management with visibility for immediate response from manufacturers and suppliers
  • Real-time connectivity to suppliers, manufacturers and trading partners utilizing XML technology
  • Scalability beyond conventional Client/Server solutions
  • Visibility of Consigned and Vendor-managed inventory
  • Certified connectivity to SAP, BaaN, Oracle, MANMAN, MK and various legacy systems
  • Global logistics management of worldwide production and inventory distribution
  • Reduced implementation costs
  • Accelerated training programs
  • Reduced maintenance costs from integrated architecture and open systems technology.

EDGE’s architecture has the flexibility to work within various operating environments. With simplicity of deployment, rapid integration through engineering standards, and flexibility to easily train non-technical personnel, ADVANTedge is the platform for success.

ADVANTedge is the architecture platform tailored to support your Supply Chain strategy to achieve excellence in execution speed, performance and efficiency, at a fraction of the cost of other global supply chain solutions.