Spare Parts Industrial Integration Services

Serving Maryland, DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Minnesota, Southern California

Industrial Integration Services offers spare parts for AS/RS equipment manufactured by:

  • White Systems:
    • Verticals: 2000, 2400
    • Horizontals: all models – HP, PH, WH, VH, SH, XH, GP, WG
  • Kardex/Remstar:
    • Verticals
    • Horizontals
    • Vertical Lift Modules: 8000, 12000, 16000, Titans
    • Shuttle
  • Diamond Phoenix:
    • Horizontals
    • Vertical Lift Modules
  • Montel:
    • Smart Aisle sensors
  • Modula:  Pre-owned, working and warranted
    • Vertical Lift Modules Model 06
      • Circuit boards
      • Bonfiglioni Inverter
      • Motors for door, telescope and elevator
      • High resolution encoders (new, not used)
      • Co-Pilot with E-Stop and cradle

Here is sample listing of what we have in stock:

If you don’t see it here and it is part of a carousel or Vertical Lift Module, ask here — maybe we can get it for you at a great price!
680 DC Control PanelWhite Systems P/N: 60453PT
680 DC Control Panel – ETLWhite Systems P/N: 60454PT
530 Keyboard Y—GWhite Systems P/N: 20992PT
510 Keyboard P—-(G)White Systems P/N: 20740PT
Hand switch w/LockoutWhite Systems P/N: 20603PT
RMI 71 DC InterfaceWhite Systems P/N: 60447PT
RMI 116A 2400 AMK DisplayWhite Systems P/N: 75336MPT
RMI 116H 2400 HLC DisplayWhite Systems P/N: 75337PT
RMI 117 2400 Microproc. ControlWhite Systems P/N: 75332PT
RMI 118 2400 Light Bar DriverWhite Systems P/N: 75338MPT
RMI 119 2400 Library Board 16kWhite Systems P/N: 75661PT
RMI 119 2400 Library Board 32kWhite Systems P/N: 75662PT
RMI 122 Motor ControlWhite Systems P/N: 57490MPT
RMI 126 Keypad Board 2000White Systems P/N: 79148PT
CIB 3.0White Systems P/N: 20806PT
Lightree / Sortbar Power SupplyWhite Systems P/N: 30093PT
Lightree Single DisplayWhite Systems P/N: 30360PT
Sortbar Dual DisplayWhite Systems P/N: 30410PT
Lightree / Sortbar Communication BoardWhite Systems P/N: 30310PT
CPU Card – 286 w/Eprom And RAM (programmed) Teknor Board (IPC)White Systems P/N: 07793PT
Pod Control CardWhite Systems P/N: 07795PT
Power Supply +5 +12 VdcWhite Systems P/N: 07800PT
Power Supply +12 VdcWhite Systems P/N: 07801PT
IPC Complete Top Assembly For 3/4 Carousel In EnclosureWhite Systems P/N: 20838PT
IPC Complete Top Assembly For 1/2 Carousel In EnclosureWhite Systems P/N: 20839PT
Encoder Board (CIC)White Systems P/N: 48399
Serial Comm Board (CIC)White Systems P/N: 39637
I/O Board (CIC)White Systems P/N: 38259
Display Board (CIC)White Systems P/N: 48407
Cable 530/680White Systems P/N: 20744
Cable Assy. CIB/IPC to 680White Systems P/N:68103
Count and Direction Sensor Bracket (Silver)White Systems P/N: 44845PT
Count and Direction Sensor Bracket (Gold)White Systems P/N: 44846PT