Vertical Lift Modules

Vertical Lift Modules are best for high density storage of small items where ceiling height is excellent and floor space is at a premium (small foot print), Unlike the vertical carousel design, the vertical lift module does not move the entire inventory each time a location is accessed. These are great for point of manufacturing, point of use, parts depots, tool and die and distribution, security and tracking issues with inventory or tools. Tray depths and heights tend to be larger than vertical carousels.

Key specifications: Tray width and depth; usable tray height; tray weight capacity, total number of trays; total height; which can be field modified at installation; voltage requirement. Foot print of floor space available.

Key considerations: Total cubic storage required; product fit on tray; tray dividers; frequency of access; number of SKUs and software requirements. Fire suppression equipment may be installed in the interior.