Pallet Racks Palletized Materials and Cartons

Serving Maryland, DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Minnesota, Southern California

Pallet Racks PalletizedPallet Racks are best for palletized materials or cartons on wire decking at lower levels.

Key specifications: Upright height and frame depth (42” is typical); overall upright capacity; load beam length and capacity; type of beam (box, step); wire decking – width, depth and type of deck (waterfall, flush).

Key considerations: Given the following information, we can help you specify the pallet rack you need and provide you with pricing to furnish and install: total number of pallets, weight of pallets – if variable – minimums, average and maximums, pallet dimensions. If height is variable, provide min/max and average with approximate quantities for each. When specifying upright height, consider these points: maximum height at top load beam plus the mazimum height of the back on that beam. Local fire code specifications for the minimum distance from the roof joists or sprinkler heads.

Accessories: Wire decking; cross beams; drop in safety lock pins; safety netting.