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Vertical Carousels

Vertical-Carousel-ConceptVertical Carousels bring the product to the person, instead of the person going to the product. The vertical carousel requires a minimal floor foot print while taking advantage of vertical space, making this type of automated storage and retrieval device perfect for the shop or factory floor.

Maximize the benefits of vertical carousels with our intuitive to use, IIS-Frontline software for automated picking and stocking, inventory tracking with reporting and pick-to-light.

Vertical carousels fit these applications best.

We provide appropriate solutions using new or pre-owned/reconditioned horizontal carousels. Give us a call to discuss your needs. We have clean, vertical carousel inventory in stock and ready to ship. A 12-month factory like warranty is given for all our carousels.

vcarousels-image00Integration is our middle name. We offer comprehensive solution oriented layout design and specifications in a fully integrated approach with software that is right for your application, whether highly customized or configured from well established carousel control and WMS software.

“When all you have is a hammer, everything begins to look like a nail.” Use a vertical carousel when it is the right solution for your operation, not because a carousel sales consultant offers it as the only solution.

Vertical Carousels are best for:

  • High density — Small parts storage and retrieval: cases show savings of up to 80% of floor space when compared with shelving or drawer case units.
  • Moderate to low throughput – yields increases in productivity (cases show up to 600%)
  • Ergonomic work stations – the product comes typically to a safe working height work surface.
  • Parts must be secured – either via locked doors or password in the software.
  • Dust protection – including clean rooms.

One of several key criteria is stock distribution rate. Faster replenishment rate requirements may suggest a different solution, not vertical carousels. Call us for a no obligation consultation for details, alternate solutions and other important criteria.

Distribution Center or 3PL: Broken case or tote bin picking for storage and distribution of small parts and products.

  • Electronic circuit board parts
  • Kitting
  • Consumer electronics — accessories
  • 3rd party pack and ship for internet orders
  • Small repair parts for facilities maintenance and expendable shop supplies
  • Tool and die cribs
  • Document storage and distribution
  • Work in process
  • High value jewelry – in lockable carousel
  • Refrigerated and freezer storage
  • Hospital /Medical supplies
  • Dual access – front and back: put items in to the carousel on one side and pick from the other. Safeties and lock outs are fully integrated
  • Dual access – multi-floor openings for controlled access. Serves as a storage conveyor from one floor to the other.

No bendingNo bending or reaching for product. The material is always delivered to the workstation height.

stack of drawerImagine a stack of drawer case units 10, 20 or 30 feet tall and drawers, divisable as needed, 8 to 10 feet wide.  A vertical carousel can be configured for this.

automatically retrieve a toolNow imagine being able to use software to automatically retrieve a tool, part or product and report on this. Vertical carousels work well for this.


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