CarouselsONE person picking or stocking with carousels delivers the productivity of THREE people using shelving alone – usually in only 60% of the space!

Carousels bring the product to the person, instead of the person going to the product. Pick once – fulfill multiple orders with batch processing.

Use carousels without automation for high-density storage (no aisles) or… Maximize the benefit with high-density storage and high productivity by controlling the carousels with our easy to use, configurable software.

Horizontal carousels fit these applications

We provide appropriate solutions using new or pre-owned/reconditioned horizontal carousels. Give us a call to discuss your needs. We have clean, horizontal carousel inventory in stock ready to ship and provide, like-factory-new warranties – 12 months.

IntegrationOur middle name is Integration. We offer comprehensive solution oriented layout design and specifications in a fully integrated approach:

  • Software that is right for your application, whether highly customized or configured from well established carousel control and WMS software.
  • Conveyor, carousels, inserter / extractors, bar code scanners and printers, scales flow rack and more.

When all you have is a hammer, everything begins to look like a nail.” Use a carousel when it is the right solution for your operation, not because a carousel sales consultant offers it as the only solution.

Horizontal CarouselsHorizontal Carousels are best for small parts storage and retrieval where high throughput, reliability and accuracy is essential.

One of several key criteria is stock distribution rate. Stock locations that are properly sized tend to be replenished once every 16 to 23 days. Faster replenishment rate requirements may suggest a different solution – not carousels. Call us for details, alternate solutions and other important criteria.

  • Distribution Center or 3PL: Broken case or tote bin picking for storage and distribution of small parts and products.
    • Horizontal CarouselsElectronic circuit board parts
    • Kitting
    • Consumer electronics — accessories
    • Health and beauty aids
    • 3rd party pack and ship for internet orders including: Nutritional supplements, printer ink supplies, books, jewelry, toys and DVDs.
    • Medical supplies and pharmaceuticals
    • Repair parts for facilities maintenance
    • Document storage and distribution such as forms, material safety data sheets, literature and educational brochures
  • Ask us about Universal Pick Pod configurations for select items with faster pick rates, yet distributed from the carousel work group. Achieve even more with varied stock pick rates all within the carousel work group sphere – with a single operator.

  • Ask us about a velocity slotting study to determine the best stock locations within a carousel work group. Determine relative pick rates and position stock to optimize operator dwell time and efficiency of picking/stocking.

  • Parts depot – storage density is needed and pick rates are moderate. Refer to mobile shelving if storage density is the highest priority and pick rates are low.

  • Shipping buffer and work-in-process buffers.