What people are saying about Industrial Integration Services?

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As a courtesy to our clients, references are made available on request. However, here are a few of our favorite remarks by our clients or prospective clients:

Thank you for asking for verification of the height available for the new vertical carousel, in doing so we learned that our sprinkler system limits were lower than we first assumed… Please adjust your factory order specifications accordingly. It is this attention to detail that prompted us to award Industrial Integration Services with this order.

Facilities Engineer
ECOLABS/Kay Chemical
Greensboro, NC

IIS isn’t a large company… but somehow they always manage to perform like one.

Facilities and Operations Manager
Government Contractor
NAVSEA Staging Facility, Atlantic

IIS reconditioned, re-engineered and shipped horizontal carousels to our installation site. We were totally impressed with the care given to packing, the detailed bill of materials, layout drawings, installation documentation and the fact that all new fasteners were provided. This is definitely above the industry standard for pre-owned equipment.

Installation Project Manager
All Conveyor, Inc.
Tampa, FL

I posted your layout design for everyone in the department to study. Not one person could find anything wrong with your approach – very intuitive.

Director Level Manager
National Security Agency
Savage, MD

I believe you have a gift for solving the problems faced by storage and distribution managers.

Sr. Systems Analyst
Northrop Grumman
Linthicum, MD

That overhead conveyor for outbound FedEx consolidation paid for itself in four months. It’s the best equipment investment we’ve made around here in quite a while.

National Distribution Manager
Savage, MD

Wow! How simple! (IIS proposed solution) I would never have thought of it. If you perform like that every day, I’ll bet you are a busy man!

Project Manager
Construction Contractor
Washington, DC