Industrial Integration Services – Capabilities Statement

Overview:  Industrial Integration Services is a Systems Integrator for Material Handling and Storage Equipment and for Office Filing storage applications.  Our specialties include, but are not limited to, those products and services listed below.  Since 1987, we have been solving all kinds of storage and storage / display related challenges for both public and private sectors.  Our key focus is making more productive use of people (through automation of storage and retrieval) and space (through high-density storage methods and equipment).  As necessary, IIS, Inc. fabricates custom solutions.

Industrial Integration Services provides expertise and these products / services:

We specify, furnish, install and support all kinds of material and filing storage systems – both new and when available upon request and in excellent condition, pre-owned / reconditioned:

  • Industrial, office and wire shelving, including wire shelf carts
  • Mobile shelving/high density storage for files or parts
  • Vertical Carousels for office filing storage or industrial parts storage (e.g. a common brand name is Kardex Lektriever for office filing, multiple providers for industrial carousels)
  • Horizontal Carousels – foot pedal, keypad or software controlled, with or without pick-to-light.
  • Vertical Lift Modules (VLM), multiple brands
  • Pallet Rack and accessories
  • Warehouse Management Software & AS/RS (automated storage and retrieval system) control software
  • Safety systems for motorized shelving systems
  • Plastic bin boxes and totes – all types, for use on all these storage media. Includes ESD (Electro-Static Dissipative) materials
  • Label printing services for filing applications and parts/location identification
  • Bar Code Scanning Equipment

We also specify, furnish, install and support:

  • EOD (Edge of Dock) Loading Dock Levelers)
  • Loading Dock doors and accessories
  • In-pit Scissors Lift loading docks and rebuilds
  • Storage Lockers
  • Mezzanines – with all types of flooring.

Geographic Areas Served:

We serve the Maryland, DC, Virginia, West Virginia and Pennsylvania.  However, we have customers and teaming partners all over the US.  For example, in 2015, IIS, Inc. was hired by Flextronics — the world’s 2nd largest contract electronics manufacturer to do a complex engineering study with the objective of consolidating THREE 150,000 sq. ft. Distribution Center / Operations buildings into TWO existing facilities in Silicon Valley:  a very challenging problem of high density, accessibility and performance.  Flextronics approved our recommended solution for implementation.

Type of projects Industrial Integration Services typically pursues:

Industrial and Office Shelving for parts used in manufacturing, distribution, parts depots and stockrooms.   All contract values noted here are from historical cases.

Market sectors:  ALL FILING AND ARCHIVAL APPLICATIONS; medical; electronics; light manufacturing, public works; military; garment manufacture — storage & distribution.  For anything, anywhere a thing needs to be on a shelf – we furnish and install the right kind of shelf for the purpose intended.

High-Density Mobile Shelving for Office File storage: and for materials used for supplies and maintenance parts and supplies, raw materials (components) for manufacturing, finished goods storage; equipment and facilities maintenance parts and supplies storage; police security equipment and evidence.

Market Sectors:  ALL FILING APPLICATIONS, legal, medical, light manufacturing, automotive; distribution centers, public works, military, homeland security/intelligence and police.

Lockers:  furnish and install.  Contract value:  $5,000+

Automated storage and retrieval:  as stand alone or fully integrated systems:  Horizontal and Vertical Carousels, robotic inserter/extractors, conveyors, bar code scanners integrated with 3rd party software or with software we develop in-house.

Market Sectors:  Distribution centers, electronics, medical, auto parts and raw materials for manufacturing/assembly, and shipping buffers.

Pallet rack:  Warehousing and distribution centers:  selective rack, high-density mobile rack, VNA (very narrow aisle), double deep rack, flow rail, pallet flow, drive-in rack, stacking rack.  We provide load certified structural and roll formed rack with application specific capacity ratings from regional USA factories.

Market Sectors:  Public and private sectors wherever pallets are used, IIS Inc. provides the right solution, 100% code and load compliant for that application.

Minority, small or disadvantaged business certifications: 

We have established relationships with minority, small or disadvantaged businesses who are certified and can provide them and work through them as needed.

Other information about IIS, Inc:

Industrial Integration Services has a perfect safety record – no emergency room visits for injuries on the job or in transit to / from a job site – since 1987.  We carry full Umbrella Insurance coverage with standard limits for our industry via Erie Insurance, with no claims exceeding $1,500 from policy inception, nearly 25 years ago.  IIS, Inc. has excellent trade credit.  Our lead installers are factory trained / certified.

We welcome teaming partner relationships with general contractors, manufacturers and other material handling equipment dealers who need software expertise or other niche specialties that we have.

In good standing:  MHEDA (Material Handling Equipment Dealers of America)