Carousel Control Software

Consider this:

  • You’re interested in buying a new or pre-owned carousel system.
  • You’ve looked at the carousel manufacturer’s software – it doesn’t fit your needs.
  • Or, they’ve told you to adapt your business to their software design and architecture.
  • Worst, you are outgrowing your carousel old software.

Now consider this:

Carousel-Control-SoftwareIndustrial Integration Services implemented EDGE carousel/WMS software first in 1997 and has been involved in carousel control software since 1996.  And EDGE has been at it since 1992, with many, many solid installation sites across the US and overseas.

The carousel manufacturers can’t touch this feature set, nor its flexibility.  They even furnish it themselves for solutions out of their grasp.

EDGE carousel/WMS software can drive every standard carousel brand on the market. You can even mix and match carousels from different manufacturers – giving you tremendous equipment purchasing power when it is time to expand with new or pre-owned carousels.

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